Deklica in kontrabas
MUSIC - glasba

The girl and the mother travel together trough time and when time stops, the angle with golden powder turns them into sleeping bodies lying on the floor... They are the same age, like twins. The mother has a family book and the Lazarus book, a round loaf of bread like the Earth. The bread, the stone, the eyes. A metaphor of a dinner: bread crumbs raining from the sky onto the family... In a revolt against the mother as an institution, a girl dance cheek to cheek with the rabbit. Via rabbit she can also release herself from the big mother, a representative of a familiy as a social cell.There are two mothers. The fear that one will pass away and the other will remain is present all the time. Both: the girl as well as the mother can not escape. The answer is perhaps golden draw the whole circle. The represion is being inscribed. The other mother is the one which sees and lets go... The mother lives alone. From now on. The sound of the doublebass is mute. The doublebass starts to glow and opens up. Ii opens the emptied space for the entrance into an endless work.

scenografija: Aljoša Kolenc

letak, zajčja ušesa