The Dinamics of Space Trilogy

The Dinamics of Space Trilogy - Pendulum, 2016-2018

The Dinamics of Space Trilogy - Pendulum, 2016-2018
The performance in the scope of exhibion GLASSWORKS | Separated from life

The performance stems from the research Dynamics of Space that probes the phenomena of swinging (pendulum) in the arts. The project Pendulum expands the installation Glassworks / Separated from Life, the solo exhibition of the artist Urša Vidic in the Kresija Gallery. Its starting point is the search for mimesis of nature and its space derivations.

The Glassworks objects which revive the idea of the 19th century Romanticism painting, the idea of subjectivity and personal experience, are crucial starting points of Nina Fajdiga’s choreography. This idea creates the subtle unison of objects and the performer. The latter appears to be catching up with the kinetic atmosphere of the performance, at the same time evoking the historical concept of the sublime in our imagination.

The performance is split into two parts: the first part thrusts out our unconscious world, rooted into a micro world of glass objects. The second part, the world of the physical body and space, is the story of the body in motion, swinging between the balance and falling, between the conscious and unconscious, between the created world and the order of nature that carves its own way in curved or free-flowing lines (water, fire, gas).
This journey reminds of the artistic oeuvre by C. D. Friedrich, the solitary journey with tragic undertones, in search of what is hidden and may yet never be found. The search for the essence of the subject appears as a paradox, its truth being in a continuous progress.