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The Gesture in the
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International City Projects / The Gesture in the Cultural Heritage of Europe - Ljubljana / Michal Murin

Michal Murin
From Gesture (signature) to the architecture (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Still image from animation by Michal Murin: From signature to museum, 2003, computer animation (with collaboration by HNZL) and wooden object

I started my new art project "scientist art-research" in 2000 on field philosophy of language. I decided to use my signature which is over 50 (belonged to my father - but some visuality is 104 years old in signatures of my grand father and grand-grandfather) years old in interpretable visual score. You will see instrumental interpretation of signature for trombone and violoncello. Therefore I continued to use signature in objects, prints, performance art, 3D animation (digital architecture of Contemporary Art Museum in Signature) and at the end in model of that architecture. This works are based on texts and ideas of French philosophers - Jacques Derrida, Roland Barthes, Gilles Deleuze. This project includes more than 200 artworks and open communication project - Your Name in My Signature, with many "signatures". The way from signature to museum could describe some of my earliest projects.
After "concept in poetry" Feelings - Museum for One Artwork and Museum in Mind which was prepared for Museum of Modern Art in New York (1989, with personal answer from director of MOMA, Kirk Varnedoe) I established virtual LENGOW ART GALLERY as conceptual artwork in 1992 (mass-medial manipulation about existence of this museum) witch continued to projects Travelling Art Museum in Wagon (1997, 1999 at Andy Warhol Museum in Slovakia) and than comes Museum of Contemporary Art in my Signature (2002) and now I continue with Museum in Underground Cottage (2004).