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Alevtina Kakhidze


Come, my beloved and dine with me, 2005

Curator: Jerzy Onuch
Center for Contemporary Art SCCA Fundation, Kiev, Ukraine

Come, my beloved, and dine with me
"Come, my beloved, and dine with me" - is a reconstruction of ancient Ukrainian fortune telling done on the day before Christmas. Here "truth" borders on "fallacy", form on content, feminine on masculine, public on private. Only feelings are true, while form is fallacy. The form of folk rituals belongs to the past and, in fact, cannot be reconstructed. The more contacts there are between the past and the present, the less "rituality" there is in the form of ritual.
The artist's project statement

Text on the wall:
It is said that when at midnight you hold a mirror in front of yourself and say the mystical words: "Come, my beloved, and dine with me", the destined will appear in the mirror.