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Florin Tudor & Mona Vatamanu
Lela B.Njatin

Kiril Prashkov


Words of wisdom, installation, 2005

Curator: Iara Bubnova
Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

Words of Wisdom
(...) In fact, Words of Wisdom the somewhat pretentious title of a volume published by Independent Curators International in 2001 in New York in order to send an "advice to a new generation of curators from established curators of contemporary art exhibitions who, over the past twenty five years, have played a crucial role in shaping what we see today, and how we see it", as written on its back cover. For his work Kiril Prashkov uses this title and some of the titles of the answers and statements from the book. He weaves continuously, word after word, one punctuation symbol after another, a fairly long 'text' and the process begins to resemble the reading aloud in the old time. Such a reading process used to be much more than merely informative, it had the capacity to create a community of people sharing the same experience, to bring closer or oppose people at a much greater proximity than in the case of cinema, for instance. Even today reading aloud is thought to facilitate and improve the understanding of what is written.
Excerpt from the curator's text