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Lorenzo Missoni, Udine


Threshold of pain, scetch, 2005

Curator: Sarah Cosulich Canarutto
Villa Manin in Passiarano di Codroipo

Threshold of Pain
The singer: Alessandra Franco
Through dissection, alteration and recomposition of reality Lorenzo Missoni's work generates new phonomenological experiences. At first, objects and spaces are elevated to a universal level and transformed into portraits of collective memory, while subsequently, the temporal dimension in the relationship with the viewer breaks them down again into individual encounters. In this sense, music, which Missoni often incorporates in the work, has a fundamental role in triggering the private dimension in the beholder's perception. Sound dilatates time, creates tension, and alters the process of discovery of the image leading the gaze in search of clues.
Excerpts from the curator's text