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Michal Murin, Bratislava


Harald Szeemann - Memory (W)hole, from project "Your name in my signature", installation, object, pumbum, 23x45 cm, 2005

Curator: Zuzana Bartošová,
Institute of Art History of SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia

Your Name in My Signature - My Signature with Your Name
Lecture performance
SIGNature LABoratorY - keywords - signature, sign, text, retext, visualization, image, authenticity, reciprocity, interaction, iterability, authorial interpretation, architecture, museum, civilization. Michal Murin's text and performance "SIGNature LABoratorY" explores signatures (in their Derridean interpretation) in the context of works of arts. Signatures and their integration in the artistic process - specifically, the interactive communication socioproject titled Your Name in My Signature - originated as a long-term philosophic and conceptual strategy exploring the relationships between words, images, visualizations and ornaments, but also between subjects and objects, between depersonalization and a humanistic reinterpretation in a gesture of appropriation, between the act of giving and its reciprocal Baudrillardian nature. Signatures as signs of civilization, in this instance works of art, culminate in the need to encompass, accentuate, define and confirm, and are reflected in the urban nature of the architecture of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Signatures; here, a civilized gesture - the act of signing in an urban environment, bears the potential for a future Foucaltian archeologization. Texts are generated as authors' interpretations of works of art, as oral history enclosed in its own archive, and therefore also serve as Derridean alibis integrated in Beuysean social sculptures.
Excerpt from the artist's project statement

Archeological research, or Brloh dejinožrúta (History-Eater's Den)
Hommage a Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze.
"(...) My project for Continental Breakfast uses the language of archeology. It uncovers memories of the past through archeological probes whose aim is to determine what has been remembered, and what is still forgotten. It restores lost memory and presents forgotten answers.
I have become interested in the concept of rewriting history before it becomes history, of transforming the present through a projection of the future, through a simulation of the past and movement against the passage of time. (...)"
Excerpts from the artist's project statement