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Curator: Andrzej Ekwiñski
The Vardö-Seminar Foundation

Dance Pavilion Nuisance in Hola, Söder Bergsäng
A long time ago, probably in the early 19-hundreds, there was a place for dancing in Hola. It was over the road from Englund the blacksmith's workshop. You can still vaguely see where it was, even if trees have since grown tall in its place.This is where the youngsters from the somewhat hidden village within the village, came to amuse themselves with dancing on the bare ground. But it happened that a man who lived in the neighborhood, was disturbed by the music and noise, and could no longer get a good night's sleep in the once so peaceful and quiet village. "Something has to be done about this nuisance" he thought, and put a plan into action. With a shovel on his back and sabotage on his mind he set out for the place of amusement. He dug deep holes where the youngsters used to dance. In each hole he put a big stone so that it would stick up just a bit above the ground. Contently he walked home, convinced that his sleep would no longer be disturbed. With this he put an end to the dance pavilion era in Hola.

This story was told to me by Martin Kniph, who in turn heard it from Lim Johan.

Ebba Matz