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Lela B.Njatin

Lela B.Njatin, Ljubljana


I didn't want to know, but I have since come to know, performance, 2005

Curator: Barbara Novakovič Kolenc
Muzeum, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Actor: Tomaž Gubenšek
Set design: Primož Jeza
Music: Srečko Bajda
Light design: Tomaž Štrucl

I didn't want to know but I have since come to know
(...) Basic elements are: fluids (water, tears, sweat, blood, vine, melted cake...), sounds and voices without spoken words (bang of a gun, water running, whistling, murmuring a song, ringing, laughing, crying...) and smells (eau de cologne on men, chemical preparations in bathroom, food in dinning room...).
Literature is evoking a trinity of stage (kitchen - dinning room - bathroom), works as a mirror (naked is encountering covered, familiar is encountering alienated), and draws meanings at the limited territory.
These components will provide support for process of building the installation, during which will be created a spiritual profile of a man in a moment of self-recognition as a father, whose role is not overwhelming.
Excerpt from the artist's project statement